"The dress must follow the body of a woman, not the body following the shape of the dress." -Hubert de Givenchy

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Remember my #1 rule to your best style? "Dress For Your Body"

I'm telling you this because I have always had to pay close attention to the fit of my clothes. I DO NOT, in any way, have an hourglass figure. That seems to be the most aspirational shape for women all over the world, but what about those of us that do not have it? Are we supposed to curl up and die? lol I think not. 

As I entered my late teens and arrived to my freshmen year in college, my body had finally started to balance out. I grew a couple of inches taller and the breast that had grown out of nowhere in the previous year, were smaller and back to normal. I suppose puberty was having some fun.

I felt great. I felt lean, in shape, and quite eligible to go into the television industry that I'd always wanted to try out. I was ok that I wasn't curvy , because I was active and athletic, so I felt strong and attractive. I had started to like my body, like for real.

At 18 years old, when I started recording with my first singing group for Epic Records, there were endless photoshoots, events, and wardrobe changes. Being in a group with two other girls, I started to compare. We were all very different, so when stylists would brings us racks of clothing to choose from, it was important that we all wore what looked best on us, and not just what we loved the most. 

I learned then, the importance of wearing what made me look my best, based on my shape. 

I'm what you might call, RECTANGLE, or ATHLETIC build, which means, I carry my weight pretty evenly throughout my entire body. I was happy with that because I could fit mostly anything I wanted, without having to take anything in or let anything out. It's what you call, 'shopping straight off the rack', or depending on how small you are, "sample size'. 

The only thing I didn't like was my waist. It was not defined. I had a flat stomach, but my waist didn't curve in at my belly button. (tears, lol)

I knew I couldn't cry about it. I loved fashion too much to get stuck in a rut. I just decided to pay close attention to what made me look how I wanted to look. I wanted to wear things that made my waist look just a little more defined, just a little smaller.

The pieces that I stay away from:

  • Body - con dresses
  • Straight fitted skirts

The pieces I gravitate toward:

  • A-line dresses and skirts
  • Skirts that show leg (I like my legs because they are lean and toned)
  • Skirts with movement.
  • Skinny jeans always look good. (They must be stretchy because the non stretch flattens my bottom. no ma'am.)
  • Tops that show my shoulders and arms. ( I like my arms for the same reason I like my legs.

You just have to be real with yourself. You also have to take care yourself. Eat nutritious food and be active daily. You shouldn't have more Spanx or body shapers than you have panties. Work on not having to wear those everyday. Work from the inside out. 

Now let me show you some body types so you can get started on finding your best style.

Click HERE for a little more help...

Do you identify with any of these shapes? If so, comment below and let's discuss .



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