Listen To Your Intuition

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I am convinced that society was designed to keep people in a box; to control people. All these rules we live by that really stop serving us once they start to keep us from exploring our true selves. Are we not allowed to evolve beyond what has come before us?

I believe the answer is YES.

2018 has gotten off to a great start for me. I feel my evolution,and even though I have new goals to reach, I feel so grateful to have not given up on myself. I feel grateful to still have a burning desire to be ME. I still have physical and mental health to keep going.

One huge part of my 2018 will be to put my intuition into action as much as possible. When you are an entrepreneur like myself, you may be looking for an investor, or you may be trying to gain the trust of new customer or clients, or you may even be trying to prove your value to future employees to get them to want to work for your company.

In the midst of all that, you might start to rely too heavily on the opinions of others. Though the groups of people I just mentioned may all be important pieces to your growth, the show doesn't start or stop with them. It starts and stops with YOU.

Always remember that. From the beginning to the end, YOU set the tone for your future and everything in it. Even if you were dealt a bad hand, YOU can turn it around.

Now, I'm definitely not encouraging cockiness or arrogance. I'm encouraging confidence. The kind of confidence that speaks up about your strengths and isn't afraid to be humble about any weaknesses. This is the kind of confidence that will attract the right people in your life to fill in the blanks.

Your vision is your vision for reason. Do not let some one else's fear, frighten you. Some may try to discourage you, only because they didn't achieve what they wanted out of life. Don't be a victim. 

Listen to your intuition. You will never find a better guide. xoxo

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